West Wave has an experienced onboard team that provides excellent service to all customers looking to improve their future.
We help people discover various options to solve their citizenship, visa and residency concerns. We take the time to meet our clients’ needs as well as time and money, with great care and professionalism.
West Wave provides clients with a knowledgeable and accredited immigration specialist to ensure your travel in Canada is safe and secure.

Real Time Guidance

Our agency is based in Toronto. However, we have offices and agents worldwide to guide our clients regarding their country-specific needs. Our success shines through our dedication and being-ready to facilitate everyone in every way. At West Wave, we strive to provide fast and reliable answer on immigration-specific queries.

Giving Best Immigration Solution

At West Wave, we present every individual client with their preferred demands related to their immigration expedition, such as we offer tailored feedback and propositions regarding immigration inquiries. The West Wave team is well-qualified in all aspects concerning immigration to offer the best passage for our clients' transition

100% Accurate

The internet is an ideal platform to obtain vast knowledge. However, it lacks affairs regarding immigration and legal matter. It is crucial to rely on trained professionals with your application. The West Wave team is regulated by the IRCC and CICC, and they have acquired special training concerning immigration, refugees and citizenship in Canada. You can trust us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date immigration information.

Why You Should Choose Us

Easily Reachable

The West Wave team is accessible to our customers through our online chatbox services and our contact number, 1-866-667-1377. We provide clients with one-on-one sessions in person or online to fully understand each case.

Count On Us

You can count on us. We aim to provide our clients with all the essential data before and after their immigration and citizenship applications. We are positive in our ability to aid you with your application.

Our Facilities

Immigration Applications demand great efforts in filling out official documents, providing statements and other documentation. Every step is vital and influences an approved or denied visa. Our facilities operate to rid our clients of worrisome paperwork, and they can rest assured that their application is being well taken care of by West Wave.

Our team has taken a Consultants Oath and dedicated themselves to the satisfaction and problem-solving of our clients. Ethical behaviour and code are one of our firm’s many customer-orientated agency priorities. Such as nondisclosure contracts with our customers to protect their confidentiality during and after the job. Our team maintains a solid ethical conduct record and has earned our client’s trust and confidence.



Honors – Bachelors from UOFT
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Neha Naqvi is an Honours Graduate from the University of Toronto with four outstanding majors, transnational diaspora studies, Jewish studies, religion and near middle eastern studies. She has also worked as a broker since 2020 at Royal Lepage Terrequitey. Upon founding West Wave Immigration, Neha wished to enlighten applicants about the immigration process, give individuals worldwide a better opportunity, and welcome a new journey in their life through migration to Canada.


Minhal Naqvi graduated from York University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Upon co-founding West Wave Immigration, Minhal hopes to bring ethical values and beliefs with his team to help individuals find the best route for their immigration applications and tackle tough issues regarding individual cases.


We are in the business of providing immigration advice that is the best professional advice for our trusted clients. Our most professional agents shall assist you regards to your requirements for immigration & with the least possible response time. Positive & fast action is our primary goal.
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