If you are a Canadian or a Permanent Resident you can sponsor any of your family members to the lovable nation of Canada.

As far as the success rate regards to Family Visa applications is concerned, we have high professional values attached to our rich portfolio of clients.

Sponsoring a migration for your loved ones requires you to have some things under consideration. Here are the most important things you should consider.

The things are what you should make sure to have. But the list below encompasses of things that you should not have in your profile.

The Canadian Government understands what makes every family complete. This is the reason why there is a family sponsorship program for Canadians who want to bring their loved ones to this lovable country. So who can you sponsor? Here is the list of family members you can bring to Canada:

If you wish to sponsor your spouse’s migration, you have to understand that there are some regulations from the Canadian government. Not just that but you would also have to comply by them. Here are some things that you should consider taking care of before applying for the sponsorship program:

All of these rules apply on same sex relationships.

Your children or your lawful partner’s children are eligible for the family sponsorship program if they’re under the age of 22. They can be considered eligible over the age of 22, if they have a mental or physical disability, which requires financial support from the parents.

You will have to sponsor and support your family members if they cannot sponsor their move. This is only to ensure that the resident does not require governmental assistance.
Medical Tests
The sponsored family members are required to submit the results of a medical exam during application.

Canadian Government requires all applicants over the age of 18 to submit police certificates from their home country. However if they lived in some other country they will have to provide reports from those areas where they resided for more than 6 months.

of Family Unit
– 12 Months
– 6 Months
one person $26,620 $13,310
two persons $33,140 $16,570
three persons $40,742 $20,371
four persons $49,466 $24,733
five persons $56,104 $28,052
six persons $63,276 $31,638
seven persons $70,448 $35,224
If more than seven persons, for each
additional person, add
$7,172 $3,586

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